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Member Information Center

  1. Personal Information – You may want to limit the personal information you share here.
    1. Profile
    2. User name/Password
    3. Photo
    4. Social Networks
    5. Display Preferences
    6. Linked Accounts
  1. Company Information – This information is visible on the Chamber of Commerce website.
    1. Organization information
    2. Employees – You can add employees and invite them to create their own login
    3. Website Information – Here you can add your social networks, your company description and keywords
    4. Logo – You can add a page header and a logo here.
    5. Photos – Not available with basic package
    6. Videos – Not available with basic package
    7. Map Pin – Check here to make sure the map is pointing to your correct address
    8. Membership Badge – You or your web designer can use this HTML to put a membership badge on your website.
  1. Member to Member Discounts* – Here you can add and manage member to member discounts.
  2. Member to Member Deals* – Here you can add and manage member to member deals.
  3. Job Postings* – Here you can add and manage job postings
  4. Links – The chamber will post links that we believe are helpful to our members. We ae open to posting relevant links that are suggested by members.*Discounts, Deals and Job Postings require approval by the Chamber prior to them posting on our website

Buttons across the top of the page

  1. Directory – This is the alphabetical listing of all Chamber members.
  2. Events – You can add and manage events that will appear on the chamber calendar once approved by the Chamber.
  3. Resources – Here you will find videos and PDF documents with instructions for using the Member Information Center.
  4. Reports – You can view several activity reports, including how many times your listing has been viewed on our website or how many times your company has appeared in a search on our website.
  5. News – You can view all member discounts, deals and job postings here.
  6. Settings – You can access the Personal and Company information sections here.