Government Affairs & Advocacy

Government Affairs & Advocacy

The Reading-North Reading Chamber of Commerce has an established Government Affairs Committee in both Reading and North Reading.  These committee members act as your business advocates to oversee local and state government decisions that impact doing business in our towns.

To date our Government Affairs committees have been involved in many issues, including:

Town of ReadingIn Reading:

  • Annual Tax Classification hearings
  • Revised Liquor Policies
  • Outdoor dining regulations
  • 40R Zoning
  • Revised Sign By-laws


Town of North ReadingIn North Reading:

  • Annual Tax Classification hearings
  • Waste Water Treatment Plan
  • Snow Removal By-laws

If you have an issue regarding local government please contact the committee chair in your town.

Reading Government Affairs Selectman Liaison:

  • John Halsey, Reading Bulldogs (781) 929-5795

North Reading Government Affairs Selectman Liaison:

  • Mike Prisco

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